Articles tagged: Clinical

  1. The pivotal role of Semantic Enrichment in the evolution of Data Commons

    In this blog post, discover how Pfizer have integrated SciBite’s semantically enriched vocabularies into their Data Commons project, which has the goal of enabling scientists to develop and refine hypotheses by investigating correlations between genetic and phenotypic data.

  2. Enhanced Clinical Vocabularies – Inclusion of CDISC in latest TERMite 6.3 release

    SciBite's latest TERMite 6.3 release includes a new set of clinical ontologies as it introduces a set of CDISC vocabularies.

  3. Power to the patients: An AI-based microbiome analyser to support IBD patients from the comfort of their own homes

    The work presented here describes the winning entry to a challenge set by ARM, Atos and Cavium at the Wellcome Genome Campus Hackathon 2018.

  4. Text-mining drug labels for genetic factors influencing efficacy and safety to support clinicians at the point of prescription

    Only 50-75% patients respond beneficially to first-line drug therapy, causing unnecessary costs to healthcare providers and, more importantly, adversely impacting a patient’s quality of life.


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