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What's New?

  • SciBite and PerkinElmer Provide Advanced Analytics from Unstructured Scientific Data30th November 2016
    SciBite and PerkinElmer Provide Advanced Analytics from Unstructured  Scientific Data

    PerkinElmer, Inc., today announced sophisticated scientific semantic enhancements to the PerkinElmer Signals™ Perspectives platform, powered by SciBite® and Attivio.®

  • Fuzzy matching now in TERMite22nd November 2016
    Fuzzy matching now in TERMite

    TERMite, our high-performance text recognition engine is designed to identify key concepts in biomedical text. However, a drawback of this approach is that generally terms must be spelt correctly to be recognised.  In the latest release of TERMite, we now include a fuzzy matching feature to help identify incorrectly spelt concepts in text. 

  • SciBite partners with Copyright Clearance Center17th October 2016

    Combining high-quality scientific content with the ability to interrogate, analyze and interact with it in exciting new ways will deliver awesome results for customers involved in any science-based business

  • London Info International 6th-7th December 20166th - 7th December 2016
    London Info International 6th-7th December 2016

    London Info International is a unique event that brings together professionals from the information industry to network, share knowledge, engage with their community, influence change and shape the future together.


  • Exploring disease phenotypes4th August 2016
    Exploring disease phenotypes

    To achieve the best results in exploring target-disease biology, researchers regularly apply multiple approaches. Reviewing direct protein-disease relationships is a simple but powerful technique for gaining an initial view but will only get you so far.  Read on to find out how SciBite can help you to identify and explore phenotypic associations within a disease.

  • SciBite Japan Launch Seminar21st July 2016
    SciBite Japan Launch Seminar

    21st July 2016, SciBite Japan held our launch seminar in Tokyo.  

    With 100% attendance from registration and an excellent spread of interest from many pharmaceutical companies it was always going to be a good meeting.