Our uncompromising use of innovative semantic technology makes unlocking knowledge and data simple. Whether it’s large scale analysis of biomedical literature or the enrichment of existing software infrastructures, our semantic solutions can transform your data.

Ontology management
Data cleansing

Text analytics + semantic enrichment

Transform text to data in a richly annotated, machine-readable format and standardise data formats

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Text analytics

Search + data intelligence

Semantic search, visualise results, integrate into your existing platforms and automate your workflows

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Search and data intelligence

News and opinion

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  1. The benefits of Semantically Enriching document mining for Chemists

    In this blog post, learn more about how our partner ChemAxon have integrated SciBite’s ultrafast named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine solution, TERMite, into their leading cheminformatics platform, and how this can benefit your organisations informatics architecture.

  2. How to use Ontologies to unlock the full potential of your Scientific Data – Part 2

    This blog post focuses on mapping, building and managing ontologies. In my previous blog, I described what ontologies are and how you can use them to make the best use of scientific data within your organisation. Here I’ll be expand upon this and focus on mapping, building and managing ontologies.


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