Our uncompromising use of innovative semantic technology makes unlocking knowledge and data simple. Whether it’s large scale analysis of biomedical literature or the enrichment of existing software infrastructures, our semantic solutions can transform your data.


Text Analytics + Semantic Enrichment

Transform previously unusable text to data in a richly annotated, machine-readable and standardise data formats

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Text Analytics + Semantic Enrichment
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News and opinion

  1. SciBite and Stardog build a knowledge graph for drug discovery in a new webinar

    In a recent webinar, SciBite and Stardog team members demonstrated how to build a knowledge graph to identify candidate drugs for a rare disease.

  2. Release of SciBiteAI 2.0: Combine deep learning models with powerful semantic algorithms to unlock Life Science semantic data

    SciBiteAI combines deep learning Artificial Intelligence models with our powerful semantic algorithms, enabling the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors to exploit and rapidly use life science data in research and development.

  3. Introducing Efficiencies into the Scientific Reading Experience

    First and foremost, researchers need access to a corpus of scientific literature and secondly, they need a robust and reproducible way to search that content. Through partnership, SciBite and Copyright Clearance Center bring together scientific content and advanced search capabilities.


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