Our uncompromising use of innovative semantic technology makes unlocking knowledge and data simple. Whether it’s large scale analysis of biomedical literature or the enrichment of existing software infrastructures, our semantic solutions can transform your data.


Text Analytics + Semantic Enrichment

Transform previously unusable text to data in a richly annotated, machine-readable and standardise data formats

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News and opinion

  1. SciBite and L7 Informatics Partner to Deliver Data Ontology Search Through L7|ESP™

    SciBite and L7 Informatics announce joint partnership to support discovery and collaboration in the life sciences.

  2. The Powerful Combination of Semantics-Based Machine Learning and Domain Expertise

    In this blog hear about our CTO James Malone's recent talk at Pistoia Alliance’s Spring Virtual Conference on semantics-based machine learning and domain expertise on a day dedicated to emerging science and technologies.

  3. SciBite CTO James Malone joins ISB Panel to discuss AI and the Future of Biocuration

    Our very own SciBite CTO James Malone was invited to take part in a panel discussion as part of this year's virtual Biocuration Conference, where he shared his thoughts in a thought-provoking discussion on “The Future of Biocuration.”


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