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Build the foundations for data sharing with our collaborative ontology management platform

Ontologies play a critical role in semantic enrichment, enabling unstructured scientific text to be transformed into clean, contextualised data which can be understood and exploited by computational approaches, such as machine learning.

Historically, maintaining multiple, evolving ontologies from both public and proprietary sources, has been a complex undertaking, requiring a high degree of ontology expertise. This presents a bottleneck for most organisations and undermines the concept that an ontology should represent a shared understanding between experts.

CENtree provides a centralised, enterprise-ready resource for ontology management and transforms the experience of maintaining and releasing ontologies for research-led businesses. CENtree combines ease of use with cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to assist users, for example, by suggesting possible relationship connections for a given ontology class.

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Key product highlights

  • Collaborative


    Democratises ontology editing so that ontology users can easily contribute, rather than rely solely on ontology experts, as well as browse and search the platform

  • Comprehensive


    Centralises and controls the process of consuming and editing external and internal ontology resources over time

  • Extensible


    Rich API simplifies integration with search and data capture applications, transforming the way you manage internal data to empower downstream insights through data mining and machine learning

CENtree product datasheet

Learn more about CENtree, our collaborative ontology management platform tailored to life sciences.


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