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SciBite exists to develop technology to unlock previously inaccessible data and knowledge from life science texts. We make extracting and analysing data and information easier for you, so you can continue to push your industry’s understanding forwards. Understand the full breadth of our semantic platform and how it can transform your data.


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  1. Human and Machine Intelligence: Building the future of Text Analytics

    SciBite CSO and Founder Lee Harland features in KM World Magazine where he talks on the future of text analytics and how ontologies are the de facto standard to encode semantics in an understandable form for both humans and machines.

  2. Talking to TERMite – introducing the SciBite scripting suite

    We’re pleased to announce that we’ve given our TERMite Toolkit an update, including updating our Python Toolkit. We’re also excited to introduce our new R module. Read more in this blog post.


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