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The platform

SciBite exists to develop technology to unlock previously inaccessible data and knowledge from life science texts. We make extracting and analysing data and information easier for you, so you can continue to push your industry’s understanding forwards. Understand the full breadth of our technologies and how they could transform your data.


Ontology management

Harmonise technology through scientific ontologies adhering to public standards, whilst creating and curating your own vocabularies

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Search + data intelligence

Semantic search, visualise results, integrate into your existing platforms and automate your workflows

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News and opinion

Stay up to date with the latest information from the SciBite team.

  1. SciBite & RDF (Resource Description Framework) – A natural semantic fit

    In this article, we’ll explore how SciBite’s platform works with the semantic web and its primary data representation format, RDF, along with the benefits each technology brings.

  2. Top 3 hacks to a successful semantic Hackathon

    CTO, James Malone shares his top 3 hacks to a semantic Hackathon, following SciBite's first US-based Hackathon in Boston, MA.


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