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  1. The power of open Ontologies in industry: The Allotrope Ontologies

    In this blog, find out how our next-generation ontology management tool CENtree can be used to manage the Allotrope ontologies.

  2. A day with the FAIRplus project: Implementing FAIR data principles in industrial life science research

    Here's how some of the SciBite team got on at the FAIRplus SME and Innovation Forum.

  3. Talking to TERMite – introducing the SciBite scripting suite

    We’re pleased to announce that we’ve given our TERMite Toolkit an update, including updating our Python Toolkit. We’re also excited to introduce our new R module. Read more in this blog post.

  4. The SciBite difference – It’s all about your data

    In this blog post SciBite's CSO and Founder Lee Harland addresses a very common question we are often asked by potential customers and partners...

  5. SciBite joins Accenture’s Life Sciences Ecosystem to help drive innovation in Drug Discovery and Scientific Research

    SciBite joins Accenture’s open partner ecosystem, designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) and life science companies team more effectively to accelerate drug discovery efforts and improve patient outcomes.

  6. SciBite and ONTOFORCE partner to make semantic search even more powerful

    Cambridge, UK – SciBite, a firm whose technology is disrupting the traditional approaches of working with scientific information across the globe, today announced a strategic partnership with ONTOFORCE, the leading data integration company.

  7. Disease Detective Part 3: Machine Learning and phenotype triangulation

    In our final disease detective article, we’ll take Part 2’s topic a little further and zoom in on how we can find new relationships between diseases where direct evidence is sparse.

  8. Disease Detective Part 2: Exploring mechanistically-related diseases through shared phenotypic profiles

    Today, we’ll look at a fresh way of enabling scientific researchers, either in pharmaceutical R&D or in medical institutes to deepen their investigations and consider new links.

  9. SciBite and PerkinElmer Provide Advanced Analytics from Unstructured Scientific Data

    PerkinElmer, Inc., today announced sophisticated scientific semantic enhancements to the PerkinElmer Signals™ Perspectives platform, powered by SciBite® and Attivio.®

  10. SciBite partners with Copyright Clearance Center

    We live in a world of increasing volumes, sources and formats of scientific content. So how can you find what is important quickly, simply, and with the confidence that you have missed nothing?


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