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  1. Sprinkling a little Semantic Enrichment into your Data Catalogue

    This blog focuses on the use and value of Data Catalogues and Master Data Management tools, and how the additional layer of Semantics is required in order to truly see their value for enterprises looking to better manage their data.

  2. Unlocking Patents as a Data Source in the Life Sciences – Overview of Challenges and using Semantic Technology to overcome them

    Throughout this blog we highlight some complexities that exist in extracting meaningful information from patents and shown various solutions, making use of SciBite technology alone or, augmented by or delivered by our partners.

  3. Using scientific data technology to access the cutting-edge of immuno-oncology cancer therapies

    In this blog, we explain more about our Immunonc vocabulary, comprising the concepts relating to this field, which enables our customers to be better informed about the current advances and emerging trends in cancer immunotherapy research, keeping them at the forefront of cancer treatment.

  4. SciBite releases latest version of semantic search application for Life Sciences organisations – DOCstore 1.4

    SciBite releases DOCstore 1.4, the latest version of the next generation, end-user search application.

  5. Using Enterprise Search to unlock the wealth of R&D data

    Learn more in this blog post about our partnership with Sinequa and how our technologies work together to provide a winning combination of Cognitive Search and powerful Life Sciences Semantics, as we explain how enterprise search platforms are enabling Pharmaceutical companies to become more information-driven.

  6. A helping hand from BERT for Deep Learning approaches

    SciBite CSO and Founder Lee Harland shares his views on the use of BERT (or more specifically BioBERT) for deep learning approaches.

  7. Powering question-driven problem solving with Semantic integration

    In this blog post hear from GSK's Scientific Lead within the Data and Computational Sciences Solutions team, Samiul Hasan on how semantic integration can be made to ultimately become part of an integrated learning framework for more informed scientific decision making.

  8. Climbing Mt Peer Review: May AI help you with that?

    At every stage of a researcher’s career, literary reviews are an integral part of scientific investigation. They help to ensure researchers are aware of the current landscape, latest findings and newest technologies in their field.

  9. SciBite technology transforms Data Mining & Horizon Scanning

    With 6,800 new scientific publications released every day (one every 12 seconds) data mining and horizon scanning is becoming increasingly difficult for medical researchers, which can lead to delayed discoveries in the life science space.

  10. Copyright Clearance Center Launches RightFind Insight, Transforming Scientific Research

    Just released by the Copyright Clearance Center, a semantic search solution applied to full-text articles

  11. DOCstore 1.2 – the semantic search tool is released and live

    Search just got a whole lot more powerful. DOCstore enables researchers to harness the power of semantic analysis search to rapidly and comprehensively scan multiple biomedical sources.

  12. Semantics in Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search, a complex challenge in extracting accurate results from the ever-increasing volumes and variability of data.
    But (and it’s a big but), how does a search system know what to look for?


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