Articles tagged: Informatics

  1. The 12 days of Machine Learning tips for creating labelled training data

    On the first day of Christmas SciBite gave to me... 12 top tips for creating labelled Machine Learning training data.

  2. Semantically-Powered Social Collaboration

    How do you know what your colleagues sat opposite you are working on? How about those in another office/building/site? More importantly, do you know who would be the expert on any particular topic within your company?

  3. The Relationship Game – Knowledge Graphs

    Scientific knowledge can be represented as relationships between things. Thousands or millions of such relationships make a knowledge graph or network analysis. SciBite technology enables extraction of these relationships, and in doing so, can uncover knowledge that might otherwise have remained hidden

  4. The 5 Star of Structured Data

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Internet, defined a 5-star deployment scheme for open data. In recent customer discussions, we’ve talked about a similar scheme to describe the status of data across their organisation and how text analytics can help contextualise unstructured data.

  5. Game Set and Match

    There’s been a lot in the news this week about Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test. The above quote in particular caught our attention here at SciBite Towers.

  6. The Evolution of Data

    Over the 50 years how we collect and play music has changed dramatically from physical copies on Vinyl through to electronic mp3s. Each new technology often requires a new device and format to play yet it is still essentially just music.


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