Articles tagged: Data visualisation

  1. Addressing Common Challenges with Knowledge Graphs

    In this blog we describe the pivotal role of semantic enrichment in the creation of effective Knowledge Graphs, and illustrate how semantic Knowledge Graphs help answer complex scientific questions.

  2. What is a Semantic Knowledge Graph: Using Semantic Enrichment to connect the dots

    At a time where more and more of our customer projects revolve around knowledge graph creation, we thought it was about time we blogged on what exactly a knowledge graph is and explain a bit more about how our semantic enrichment technology is being used to facilitate the production of such a powerful data model.

  3. Disease Detective Part 3: Machine Learning and phenotype triangulation

    In our final disease detective article, we’ll take Part 2’s topic a little further and zoom in on how we can find new relationships between diseases where direct evidence is sparse.

  4. Disease Detective Part 2: Exploring mechanistically-related diseases through shared phenotypic profiles

    Today, we’ll look at a fresh way of enabling scientific researchers, either in pharmaceutical R&D or in medical institutes to deepen their investigations and consider new links.

  5. Disease Detective Part 1: Rare disease collaboration networks

    In celebration of Rare Disease Day 28th Feb, we have a 3 part blog post looking into some of the challenges/analysis techniques involved in the research process.

  6. Exploring Disease Phenotypes

    To achieve the best results in exploring target-disease biology, researchers regularly apply multiple approaches. Reviewing direct protein-disease relationships is a simple but powerful technique for gaining an initial view but will only get you so far.

  7. Global Zika Virus Research Trends

    Over the last 18 months, there has been a predictable surge in research on the Zika virus as the scientific community try to better understand the disease area. We decided to take a look at this topic to see how much research we being done across the globe.


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