Articles tagged: Data science

  1. SciBite proudly supports launch of the UK’s first Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship at Anglia Ruskin University

    SciBite is proud to be supporting Anglia Ruskin University’s pioneering initiative to develop trained early career bioinformaticians through their brand-new Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship.

  2. Of Burns and Bums: Machine Learning surprises!

    As many of our regular visitors will know, the focus of our work here at SciBite is unlocking the knowledge held in the vast amount of biomedical text researchers have access to. Sometimes this yields well, interesting, results.....

  3. Drug Repurposing, Rare Diseases and Semantic Analytics

    In this blog we cover how to look potentially reduce the cost of and speed up the repurposing pipeline.

  4. Disease Detective Part 3: Machine Learning and phenotype triangulation

    In our final disease detective article, we’ll take Part 2’s topic a little further and zoom in on how we can find new relationships between diseases where direct evidence is sparse.

  5. Disease Detective Part 2: Exploring mechanistically-related diseases through shared phenotypic profiles

    Today, we’ll look at a fresh way of enabling scientific researchers, either in pharmaceutical R&D or in medical institutes to deepen their investigations and consider new links.

  6. Exploring Disease Phenotypes

    To achieve the best results in exploring target-disease biology, researchers regularly apply multiple approaches. Reviewing direct protein-disease relationships is a simple but powerful technique for gaining an initial view but will only get you so far.

  7. Global Zika Virus Research Trends

    Over the last 18 months, there has been a predictable surge in research on the Zika virus as the scientific community try to better understand the disease area. We decided to take a look at this topic to see how much research we being done across the globe.

  8. The Relationship Game – Knowledge Graphs

    Scientific knowledge can be represented as relationships between things. Thousands or millions of such relationships make a knowledge graph or network analysis. SciBite technology enables extraction of these relationships, and in doing so, can uncover knowledge that might otherwise have remained hidden

  9. The 5 Star of Structured Data

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Internet, defined a 5-star deployment scheme for open data. In recent customer discussions, we’ve talked about a similar scheme to describe the status of data across their organisation and how text analytics can help contextualise unstructured data.

  10. Game Set and Match

    There’s been a lot in the news this week about Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test. The above quote in particular caught our attention here at SciBite Towers.

  11. The Evolution of Data

    Over the 50 years how we collect and play music has changed dramatically from physical copies on Vinyl through to electronic mp3s. Each new technology often requires a new device and format to play yet it is still essentially just music.


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