We've answered some frequently asked questions on our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering.

What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is a fully cloud hosted version of the application managed by the software vendor. This is distinct from on-premise software, which is hosted on a customer’s own server and the customer is responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure. SciBite’s named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine TERMite and ontology management platform CENtree tools are available as cloud hosted applications.

Why would I want SaaS?

SaaS provides a simple, secure, and flexible way to work using SciBite products, and includes a host of time and cost saving benefits. As well as no longer needing to purchase and maintain hardware, a simpler deployment process means that SaaS users can quickly begin working with applications avoiding a lengthy IT engagement. With an internet connection, you can access SciBite SaaS tools securely from anywhere in the world, promoting staff accessibility and collaboration.

How are SaaS products maintained compared to on-premise products?

One of the key benefits of SaaS are seamless product releases and upgrades. With SciBite SaaS, we take care of deployments meaning that you enjoy the latest features without needing to download or install any patches.

Do I need to buy a product license with SaaS?

SaaS is currently available with TERMite, SciBite’s named entity recognition platform, and CENtree, our enterprise-wide ontology management tool. A key benefit of SaaS is that the hardware, software and support are bundled into a single price. A subscription to the chosen services will be required and this will be inclusive of everything that is needed by the customer to use SciBite tools.

Is SaaS covered under my existing licence or do I need a new agreement?

No. SaaS as an additional service for which you would need a new dedicated agreement. Contact us for details of this agreement.

How is SaaS supported?

SciBite SaaS products use Elsevier’s well established cloud hosting tooling and processes, supported by a dedicated SciBite-Elsevier IT team, who proactively monitor and maintain this service. For more details of our SLA please contact us.

Is all the functionality of a SciBite product still available as a SaaS offering?

Yes. As well as being able to manage user access, you will experience exactly the same user interface and API benefits associated with SciBite tools. The SciBite SaaS solution will also be integrated into customers authentication systems, allowing access to the tooling using customers’ existing credentials.

Do I need a dedicated SaaS platform administrator?

No. We’ve designed SaaS to be a simple entry point for accessing and serving SciBite products to your organisation. The hardware and infrastructure support will be provided by SciBite; however, customers will likely still want a product administrator to control who within the organisation has access to the SciBite tooling and what level of access they would have.

Who administers user access?

Our IT team sets up secure access to SaaS, whilst your product administrators will continue to control access to SciBite products. SciBite will also be able to provide 24/7 support for user access issues that cannot be resolved by product administrators.

Is SaaS secure?

Yes. We have instituted a variety of data protection measures to maintain the security, integrity, and availability of our products within SaaS. From our dedicated information security team adhering to industry best practice, to security implicit architecture, you should be assured that SciBite-Elsevier takes data protection and security extremely seriously. Contact us for more details of SciBite-Elsevier’s security policy.

Where will my data be hosted?

By default, SciBite’s SaaS solutions are hosted in a few cloud data centres, globally. Talk to us if you have any specific requirements.

If I have TERMite and or CENtree, can these both be hosted on the same instance and is there a discount?

No. Our SaaS and service offerings are specifically priced to enable efficient, reliable, and secure access for these SciBite applications. As such there are no savings for multi-products.

Can I integrate my tools with SciBite applications using SaaS?

Yes. SciBite’s Professional Services team is available to help with custom requests.

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