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Enabling a Modern, Efficient Approach to Pharmacovigilance

Enabling a modern effective approach to Pharmacovigilance

Regulatory bodies expect pharmaceutical companies to maintain an up-to-date awareness of the safety implications of not only their own drugs but also those from the same drug class and with the same target that are marketed by competitors. Comprehensive, systematic monitoring is required in order to detect, validate and act upon new adverse events as early as possible.

This places significant demands on Pharmacovigilance teams, who are challenged to maintain safety and compliance amid increasingly stringent, globally diverse regulations. The legacy approach, involving manually scanning biomedical sources, is prohibitively time consuming, has a high risk of missing safety signals and is no longer a viable option.

SciBite provides a resource-effective solution to the challenges faced by Pharmacovigilance teams by unlocking the potential of unstructured biomedical content. With SciBite, pharmaceutical companies can monitor a wide range of heterogeneous and cross-disciplinary sources and reach timely, well-informed decisions, resulting in safer treatments for patients.

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