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Vocabulary Inspector Compiler

Before releasing custom-curated vocabularies into a production environment, they need to be evaluated to ensure they perform as expected.  SciBite’s Vocabulary Inspector Compiler (VIC) is a post curation module that analyses a custom curated vocabulary, checks for a range of critical errors and once ready, compiles these into an efficient TERMite-friendly format.

VIC has four key functions:

1. Integrated variation engine

Due to the rule-based nature of SciBite VOCabs, many synonym variants are computed rather than hand-curated.  The integrated variation engine is an environment to test/check and customize the vocabulary rules as required.

2. Vocabulary integrity scan

Customised dictionaries are scanned to identify the common errors such as line breaks, blank lines etc… these errors can be difficult to identify on their own yet may affect the performance/integrity of a vocabulary when used in TERMite.

3. Regression testing

Before a vocabulary is released to production, the impact of any changes/amendments should be evaluated to confirm that there aren’t any unforseen impacts.

4. TERMite-friendly format

Once the customised vocabulary has been through the integrity scan and regression testing, it is ready to be compiled into a TERMite-friendly format.  A compiled vocabulary can be loaded and subsequently utilised by TERMite at far higher speeds than uncompiled vocabularies.

The larger the vocabulary, the greater the difference in performance and so we recommend any production vocabulary is compiled before use.

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