Unlock the value of scientific text in seconds with TERMite

Semantic Entity Extraction

More and more of the fundamental science content critical to the innovation process is locked up inside electronic documents. How do you scan millions of publications, patents, reports and any other document type to get at the information you need most? How do you query unstructured information in an expansive and inclusive approach?  The answer, our named entity recognition (NER) engine TERMite.


Taming biomedical text

TERMite (TERM identification, tagging & extraction) is a named entity recognition (NER) and extraction engine at the centre of SciBite’s semantic analytics software suite.  Coupled with our hand-curated VOCabs, it can recognise and extract relevant terms found in scientific text transforming unstructured content into rich, machine-readable data.

Key capabilities include

  • Disambiguation.  Manages the ambiguity of real-world biomedical text to provide superior results
  • Scientifically aware.  Powered by SciBite VOCabs containing >20 million synonyms across  >80 Life Science topics including genes, drugs, diseases, adverse events.
  • It’s live.  No pre-indexing or complex set-up required.  At the core, TERMite is an API, send it a document and it sends you back results immediately.
  • It’s fast. The engine analyses text at up to 1 million words/second.  The scalability of the system accommodates the processing of millions of documents at a time.
  • Flexibility.  TERMite is designed for both human use, in scripts, workflow tools and via a GUI as well as embedding within other software such as Enterprise Search and ELNs

Usage Scenarios

Information Professionals

You Are: A life science professional who’s job involves hunting for key facts in literature, patents, grants and internal documents.                                                                                                                                      
We Offer: The ability to data-mine millions of documents to identify critical mentions and relationships

Enterprise Search

You Are: A company wishing to make its internal search portals more accurate.

We Offer: The ability to enhance your existing search tool to find key biological entities more accurately, making your users happier and more productive!

Solution Provider

You Are: Anyone who produces textual content in the life-sciences or supplies IT systems that contain such text within them (ELNs, Project Management Tools, Industry Databases etc.)  

We Offer: The opportunity to enrich your content for search, navigation and significantly increase the value to your consumers