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SciBite Forms

Data entry is an integral part of most scientific information systems. In an ideal world, many inputs would be standardised, based on specific reference terminologies.

Use of such consistent terminologies promotes better data connectivity and improves search and discovery within an organisation. Prior to SciBite, the infrastructure required to power such an ecosystem was poor, lacking in simplicity and usability.

With the advent of SciBite Forms, application developers have access to a suite of user interface components that can be “dropped in” to any scientific application, instantly boosting data standards.

Popular components include reference pick-lists, auto-complete, and form elements that respond to previous choices (such as displaying a list of mammals if a “species” box is checked).

SciBite Forms provides a rapid mechanism for the introduction and management of terminology standards across your applications.

Delivered as a javascript library with the ability to integrate into existing platforms, SciBite Forms can help to derive new insight from previously underused data stores.

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