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Search, analysis and storage for semantically indexed content

DOCstore is a semantic search application powered by elastic designed to change the way we manage and interact with biomedical content of multiple formats and sources.

Simple to setup and deploy yet powerful enough to handle millions of records, DOCstore offers scientifically aware search and analysis capabilities at the click of a button.

Regardless of source, any text-based document type can be semantically indexed by TERMite and loaded into DOCstore meaning that there need be no gaps in your search.

Use any combination of keyword, specific entity/entity type and taxonomy branch in the simple interface.

Easy to deploy and intuitive to learn, DOCstore can be installed in under 20 minutes and be run from a mobile device, standard laptop or through a designated server providing flexible access to its powerful capabilities

Able to manage multiple data sources, DOCstore presents a novel alternative to typical big-data solutions in deploying a viable semantic search for biomedical content.

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