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Craft high-quality vocabularies using our Vocabulary Editing Toolkit

Until now, crafting a high-quality vocabulary from scratch or customising an existing one with in-house domain knowledge has been a complicated and tedious process.

Scientists either juggle multiple text files or use spreadsheets, which, although simple to use, aren’t built for the management of complex scientific data.

SciBite’s Vocabulary Editing Toolkit (VET) is an editor that “understands” the key elements of vocabularies – synonyms, unique identifiers and taxonomy – and makes it easy for scientists to adapt existing vocabularies or curate entirely new ones.

Ultimately enjoy a smoother editing experience and achieve higher throughput for your vocabularies.

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Key product highlights

  • Unified


    A clutter-free, intuitive user interface designed to minimise keystrokes and eliminate constant switching between keyboard and mouse

  • Quality


    Real-time sanity checks on your vocabulary’s integrity for quality assurance, with built-in version control to track changes over time

  • Performance


    Easily identify and rectify common hidden errors, such as line breaks and blank lines, and ensure vocabulary performance

  • Connectivity


    Out of the box integration with SciBite named entity recognition tool, TERMite

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Use cases

Biomarker Discovery in Literature

The identification and application of biomarkers in basic and clinical research is almost a mandatory process in any productive pipeline of a pharmaceutical organisation. Validated biomarkers play a crucial role in the prediction of clinical outcome and support the translation from candidate discovery to successful clinical treatment.

A wealth of valuable biomarker-related information is available in the biomedical literature. However, the process of discovering and validating new biomarkers depends on the ability to extract insight from this resource effectively.

SciBite uses semantic enrichment to unlock the value of unstructured text and simplify the identification of new potential biomarker leads from scientific text.

Read the full use case

More Than FAIR: Unlocking the Value of Your Bioassay Data

Databases dedicated to managing bioassay data contain an amazing wealth of R&D knowledge and, as such, provide a rich resource for mining with both scientific and operational questions. However, most pharmaceutical companies are unable to realise its true value of their data because of the way it has been captured and/or managed.

A wider scientific community initiative has resulted in the establishment of principles to ensure that data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Although initially focused on the accessibility of public domain data, the FAIR principles are rapidly gaining interest from the pharmaceutical industry.

SciBite’s unique combination of retrospective and prospective semantic enrichment immediately brings scientific intelligent search to any bioassay platform, enabling the wealth of information within it to be unlocked and exploited effectively and efficiently.

Read the full use case

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