SciBite releases its eagerly awaited Vocabulary Editing Tool (VET)

Meet SciBite's Vocabulary Editing Tool. Ergonomic, traceable, exceptional quality control.

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Vocabularies (including ontologies, taxonomies, master data lists and so on) are a cornerstone of data representation in the sciences. They facilitate harmonisation, integration and insight in today’s data-driven world. However, existing tools make editing and curating these vocabularies a painful process, with little traceability or accountability as to who has made any changes in a team environment.

Common challenges facing those dealing with public or private vocabularies in science-led businesses include:

  • Complicated processes and lengthy editing procedures
  • Juggling multiple text files, spreadsheets and other applications in order to manage vocabulary data
  • Lack of a single fit for purpose solution that’s easy to use
  • Require constant switching between keyboard and mouse when performing large edits, significantly slowing even the most adept editors
  • Lack of provenance of / tracking of changes – critical to accountability
  • Poor performance when working with very large vocabularies

Until now.

Designed by scientists for scientists, the user experience has been placed at the heart of VET’s development.  The tool simplifies the clunky and complicated procedures currently required and replaces them with an ergonomic approach.

Features of the tool:

  • A much awaited focus on usability – a single key press does the job of keyboard / mouse combination
  • Built in version control – VET automatically tracks changes to the vocabulary, providing traceability and accountability
  • Full change control; Users can import, create, delete and modify entire vocabularies or individual entities
  • Prevents errors by enforcing a hidden, validated structure across a vocabulary which places no extra burden on the user, but provides quality control far beyond that which other ontology editors and spreadsheet applications can provide

At SciBite, we’re very excited about our new tool.  Understanding and experiencing the frustrations of vocabulary editors and curators, we set about changing those and creating something that’s easy to use, allows you to track changes and is fit for purpose.

We’re proud of the result and we’re sure you’ll like it too.

If you’re an ontology editor and would like to know more about our vocabulary editing toolkit, take a look at our VET product page or simply get in touch with the team.

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