ConTech 2019

SciBite are pleased to be speaking with CCC at ConTech 2019 in London.

Join our Head of Technical Sales, Neal Dunkinson and CCC’s (Copyright Clearance Center) VP and Managing Director of Corporate Solutions, Lauren Tulloch on Day 1 at 12.20pm as they present on ‘Enabling Scientific Discovery through FAIR Data’.

In this session we will cover:

  • How semantics, through use of annotations from biomedical ontologies, can unambiguously describe metadata in documents,
  • How search and retrieval can be performed, at scale, utilising these unambiguous semantic descriptions,
  • How such approaches support the FAIR principles improving how your data and content assets are utilised, maximizing the value of their investments by bringing together disparate data and content assets to bring insights to end users when and where they need them.

This year’s ConTech 2019 is themed around transforming content through data science, AI and emerging technologies.

If you’d like to set up a meeting with a Neal at the event, please do get in touch.

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