Meet the team that make what we do at SciBite possible. We're a dynamic, passionate, productive bunch of people who love what we do.

  • Lee Harland

    Lee Harland

    Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

    Lee founded SciBite based on his pioneering work in the use of artificial intelligence and ontology-based semantic analysis. As Chief Scientific Officer, he has over 20 years’ experience in life sciences in both industry and academia, using the latest semantic web, data integration and text-mining technologies to derive knowledge from vast quantities of information. He has published a number of key papers in these areas and contributed leadership, advice or code to many teams including the Pistoia AllianceOpen PHACTSBiomedBridges, the Experimental Factor Ontology/Biosamples and ChEMBL groups. Apart from music, cars, running and family, he spends the rest of his time in following, collecting and enjoying urban art. He also spends a lot of time wandering around the less nice parts of different towns just because someone has spray painted something interesting on a wall.

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  • Rob Greenwood

    Rob Greenwood

    CEO & President

    Rob brings over 20 years’ technology and leadership experience to SciBite with much of that focused around the life sciences market. Rob has held a number of senior roles within Thomson Reuters, leading to the Global Leadership of the Life Sciences sales team across EMEA, NA & APAC and prior to joining SciBite, was General Manager for BIOVIA (Accelrys) for EMEA. Experienced in leading and growing businesses from start-up stage to multinational, with a focus on people, culture and customer engagement. In his spare time, Rob enjoys watching his kids play sport, walking his dogs and playing the odd game of cricket and golf.

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  • SciBite default

    Ally Henderson

    Financial Controller

    Ally is responsible for the day-to-day running of SciBite’s finance function. Having spent 7 years at Deloitte within their audit department, Ally is qualified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. When he’s not keeping our numbers in check, Ally enjoys playing and watching sport (mainly football) and spends much of his time running around after his new-born son!

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  • Andy Balfe

    Andy Balfe

    Product Manager

    Andy brings 10 years’ experience of curating and managing scientific and commercial life sciences databases to SciBite. With a PhD in Organic Chemistry, Andy looks after our growing product portfolio, ensuring that our product roadmaps and release processes are aligned with the needs of our customers. Outside of work Andy likes to keep busy by either dabbling in DIY projects or keeping fit by doing park runs.

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  • Amy Easler

    Amy Easler

    Sales & Operations Executive

    With 13 years’ experience within Thomson Reuters Life Sciences division, now known as Clarivate Analytics, spanning customer value management, account management and regional sales, Amy’s primary focus at SciBite is to support our sales team by building long-standing relationships with our customers to enable them to get the most value from our software solutions as their needs grow and change. Outside of work, Amy loves being creative by doing activities such as drawing, painting, reading and doing crafts. She also enjoys being outdoors and spending as much time as possible with her family and dog.

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  • Adam Brown

    Adam Brown

    Technical Sales Manager - North America

    Adam manages technical sales for SciBite’s growing US operation, helping to bridge the gap between the scientific and sales arms of SciBite and providing end-to-end support for US-based customer engagements. Adam also oversees scientific project management for proof of value projects and ongoing licenses. Bringing experience in both product management and translational research, prior to joining SciBite, Adam managed training, architecture, and implementation for machine learning tools at GNS Healthcare. Adam holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from Harvard where he studied computational drug repositioning methods and reproducibility. When he’s not working with our incredible customers, you can find Adam brewing his very own beer! He loves to hike up hills in the Summer and ski in the mountains in the Winter.

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  • Anneli Karlsson

    Anneli Karlsson

    Data Scientist

    Anneli has a passion for all things Ontology related, which is why she is a crucial part of our in-house Ontologies team. Anneli brings over 20 years’ experience in Drug Discovery and Research both within the pharmaceutical industry and academia. When she’s not busy curating ontologies for our customers, you can find her going for long walks with her dogs or renovating her old farmhouse and barns in France.

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  • Aurelien Arena

    Aurelien Arena

    Senior Software Engineer

    As an experienced software engineer with a strong background in building data engineering, search and big data solutions, Aurelien is a techie to the core. He is the engineer behind SciBite’s Connectors, with a PhD in Computational Linguistics and Semantic Web from the University of La Sorbonne, and initially started his career in the world of academia. At home you’ll find him keeping up-to-date with computer and social science articles or engulfed in Modern Greek studies.

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  • Georgiana Dumitrica

    Georgiana Dumitrica

    Java Software Developer

    With 7 years’ experience in software development, Georgiana helps transform our technical requirements into semantic software solutions. She has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science applied in Economics from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Having previously worked for multinational companies such as IBM, where she took part in the software development lifecycle of web applications. In her spare time, Georgiana enjoys taking long walks, hiking, travelling, baking and watching documentaries.

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  • Hector Casanova

    Hector Casanova

    UX Engineer

    A former e-Science graduate from Edinburgh, Hector ensures our software user interfaces are intuitive, balancing both simplicity and functionality. With 5 years’ experience under his belt on a range of software projects, including helping develop the BioStudies web application for the EU-ToxRisk project and creating an application designed to help children with emergent literacy issues. When he’s not busy coding, Hector enjoys being active, including calisthenics, diving and cycling. He also loves watching documentaries and good conversations over good food.

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  • James Adeniji

    James Adenji

    Data Scientist

    Having recently completed a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, James is part of our Data Science team at SciBite, supporting our internal and customer projects. During his studies, which mainly involved the application of data science techniques to biological data problems, James worked on a few projects, one of which included producing a scientific web-based application. Outside of work, James enjoys playing table tennis, going on walks and watching football, particularly Arsenal who he is an avid supporter of.

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  • James Malone

    James Malone

    Chief Technology Officer

    An expert technologist with a PhD in Machine Learning in Bioinformatics, James brings a wealth of experience having developed bioinformatics solutions in both commercial and academic organisations. His previous roles include being Lead Ontologist at the EBI, one of the world’s premier research centres for bioinformatics, where he developed semantic solutions using ontologies with life science data. James was also a co-founder of FactBio, a semantic technology company, and spent two years as a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute. Just for fun James tortures himself by supporting Newcastle United, and tortures others by singing in a rock band and attempting to play football.

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  • Janaka Fonseka

    Janaka Fonseka

    Technical Project Manager - North America

    Janaka primarily deals with project management for SciBite’s US-based clients, including managing project proposals, tracking deliverables and addressing client needs. With a strong background in project management and research administration, Janaka’s most recent role was at the Broad Institute within their Cancer Program. In his spare time Janaka loves to cook and enjoys being outdoors including biking and travelling.

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  • Jane Lomax

    Jane Lomax

    Head of Ontologies

    Jane leads the development of SciBite’s vocabularies and ontology services. With a PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University and 15 years’ experience working with biomedical ontologies, including at the EBI and Sanger Institute, where she focussed on bioinformatics and developing biomedical ontologies. She has published over 35 scientific papers, mainly in the area of ontology development, and contributed to public ontology projects including Pistoia Ontology Mapping Project, OBO Foundry and is on the Executive Committee for the International Society of Biocuration. In her free time, Jane is usually relaxing at home playing board games, going running or making her own cider (which would go nicely with Adam’s homemade beer!)

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  • Jen Clelland

    Jen Clelland

    Human Resources Manager

    Without Jen… well actually we’d rather not think about what SciBite would look like without Jen! Joining SciBite back in 2017, Jen manages all the administrative functions supporting the rapid growth of the business, including overseeing hiring of new staff and generally serving as a link between our management and employees. With over 7 years’ experience within administrative and supporting roles, she has focussed on HR for the past five years. A true animal lover at heart, Jen is kept busy by her two crazy lovable dogs. She is also a real people person and dedicates much of her spare time playing sport, as well as coaching rugby for 2 to 7 year olds.

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  • Joe McCarthy

    Joe McCarthy

    Senior Director Sales & Operations - North America

    Joe oversees the company’s presence and growth within the US market, including sales and customer service, with extended roles in marketing, technical sales, project management and partner engagement. Prior to SciBite, Joe spent eight years at Thomson Reuters, followed by Clarivate Analytics (the spin-out of TR’s IP & Science business unit), in sales and sales leadership roles managing the North American strategic account management team. Joe earned his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. Joe loves adventure so finds as much time to bike and hike (not at the same time) as he can. But when he’s not being adventurous he’s taking it easy reading or spending time with family.

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  • Joe Mullen

    Joe Mullen

    Senior Informatics Scientist

    Joe brings a wealth of experience in semantic data integration within the life sciences and has a keen interest in graph-based representations of harmonised datasets. Joe holds a PhD from Newcastle University in the development of computational approaches to drug repositioning, with focus on semantic data integration and data mining. A native Geordie and avid Newcastle United fan, when he’s not helping our customers to make the most of our technologies and developing bespoke solutions to address their problems, you can find him keeping active either running, cycling or playing football.

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  • John Bolger

    John Bolger

    General Manager - Japan

    John heads up our operations and growing team in Japan. John is tasked with introducing the Japanese pharmaceutical world to the new possibilities and benefits opened up by SciBite technology. Originally a software developer from the UK, John has lived and worked in Japan within the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years. In his spare time he is a self-proclaimed “Bakaoya”, which he claims in Japanese literally means a ‘stupid parent who over-indulges their children’. John spends much of his spare time supporting his teenage son, Dougie, who is trying to become Japan’s first ever F1 world champion. SciBite is proud to be one of Dougie’s sponsors!

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  • Jon Vallet

    Jon Vallet

    Principal Software Engineer

    Jon has over 12 years’ experience in software development, holding an Associates Degree in Computer Systems Administration. He loves having fun with functional programming, but when he’s not helping the SciBite tech team bring our semantic technology alive, Jon enjoys playing racing games or tennis and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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  • Julien Debeauvais

    Julien Debeauvais

    Head of Sales & Partnerships

    Heading up our Sales team, Julien leads our commercial operation, working side by side life sciences organisations across the globe to help them transform the way they leverage scientific text for decision making. With over 13 years’ experience in various roles within the life sciences sector, most notably leading the EMEA Strategic Account Team within the life sciences division of Thomson Reuters (now Clarivate Analytics). Julien is a keen cyclist and guitar player, he also enjoys listening to blues and Jazz music. A recent father, spending time with his new-born daughter has become his favourite hobby.

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  • Katherine Codlin

    Katherine Codlin

    Strategic Sales Manager

    Katherine or ‘Kat’ as we know her, joined SciBite having previously worked for various technology companies, including database software company Redgate, where she held multiple positions and her work focused in fledging markets, taking new tech innovation to market. Kat’s previous role was at ASR start-up Speechmatics, where her focus was scaling out sales operations and launching their Enterprise sales strategy. Kat is also the founder of a non-profit organisation ‘Cambridge Women in Tech’ which has grown organically to 3,000+ members and is active with a large quarterly event sponsored by Amazon and Microsoft as well as bi-monthly workshops led by external facilitators. When she’s not being kept busy by her two small boys, Kat enjoys horseback archery, medieval martial arts and travelling.

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  • Lauren Barham

    Lauren Barham

    Marketing Manager

    Lauren is responsible for bringing the SciBite brand to life. With over 7 years’ experience and a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification with distinction from the Cambridge Marketing College, Lauren has a real passion for marketing and makes it her mission to innovate new ways for SciBite to disrupt the life sciences industry with it’s exciting technology. A true softie when it comes to animals, particularly cats, Lauren enjoys visiting new places, watching her other half’s football matches, cooking new dishes and baking tasty treats (ideally involving chocolate), as well as working out and lifting weights at the gym.

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  • Lizzie Greenwood

    Lizzie Greenwood

    Financial Accountant

    After completing her training at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Lizzie has developed her career at companies from a number of industries, ranging from Rio Tinto, to Virgin Retail, to Chaplin Frobisher Welling. Part of SciBite’s Finance team, when Lizzie isn’t calculating the numbers, you can find her walking her dogs, horse riding or playing tennis.

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  • Mark McDowall

    Mark McDowall

    Senior Software Engineer

    With a PhD in the Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction and a background as a biochemist now turned bioinformatician, during his 8 year stint at EMBL-EBI, Mark was involved in numerous projects ranging from building portals for model organisms to infrastructure and pipelines for data processing, storage and retrieval in a variety of HPC environments. As part of our Ontologies team, Mark’s role encompasses helping streamline, integrate and develop tools for our core products. When he’s not at work you can find Mark spoon carving, gardening, playing board games and dabbling in a bit of photography, not all at the same time!

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  • Maureen Lynch

    Maureen Lynch

    Relationships Manager - North America

    With 20 years’ experience within Pharma/Biotech companies, 10 of which were spent as an account/relationship manager supporting sales and business development for Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics. Maureen plays a critical role in supporting commercial discussions and relaying the value of SciBite’s semantic solutions to new potential prospects. When Maureen’s not building strong relationships with our North American customers, she’s chasing around after her children on the beaches of Rhode Island, taking walks in the woods with her husband and English Pointer or taking weekend camping and hiking trips.

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  • Melanie Vance

    Melanie Vance

    Marketing Executive

    As a critical part of SciBite’s Marketing team, Melanie supports the Marketing Manager with our marketing initiatives including exhibiting at events, key marketing campaigns and much more. With over 4 years’ experience, when she’s not helping bring SciBite’s brand to life, you can find her working out, attempting to cook new recipes or spending time at home binge watching the latest TV series.

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  • Michael Hughes

    Michael Hughes

    Head of Data Science

    With an extensive background of over 15 years’ experience within Bioinformatics and Text Analytics, Michael’s experience working with data in the life sciences domain includes roles as a Data Scientist within Unilever’s Toxicology group and as a Senior Text Analytics Consultant for Thomson Reuters. When he’s not spending time with his young family, Michael likes to go running, travel to exotic destinations, play guitar (according too himself, badly) and hone his photography skills.

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  • Neal Dunkinson

    Neal Dunkinson

    Head of Technical Sales

    Neal plays a crucial role at SciBite, helping understand the objectives of our customers and tailoring demonstrations of our solutions to meet their needs. With an MSc in Genetic Epidemiology, Neal has been in the life sciences industry for over 15 years, gaining valuable experience building and leading teams and supporting customer relationships during various consulting, sales and analytics roles within Thomson Reuters and Dassault Systems. He’s not all work and no play, outside of the office he loves to play underwater hockey, mountain bike, snowboard or just relax playing the piano whenever he’s not being run off my feet by his children and dog.

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  • Oliver Giles

    Oliver Giles

    Data Scientist

    Oliver or ‘Olly’ as we know him, supports SciBite’s internal and customer projects with scripting and working on machine learning approaches to develop our semantic technology. He has a BA in Philosophy and an MSc in Synthetic Biology, including a research project focussed on identifying transcriptomic profiles that could be used as inputs to DNA circuitry to differentiate cell states. When he’s not in the office, Ollie can be found delving into a good book or on the flip side doing some writing of his own.

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  • Patrick Rummler

    Patrick Rummler

    Technical Sales Manager - Japan

    Patrick is part of our SciBite team in Japan, playing a crucial role in facilitating technical discussions with our Japanese clients. Holding a degree in Business with an emphasis on Marketing in East Asia/Japan and Japanese Language/Culture studies from the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen Germany, Patrick has previously held roles in both Japan, working for software companies Veeva Japan K.K. and Zinc Ahead K.K., and in Germany working for Werum Software and Systems. In his spare time, Patrick loves being outdoors, so you can usually find him hiking, camping and seatrekking. When he’s not on thrill-seeking adventures, you will usually find Patrick at home playing old school video games or relaxing watching Netflix.

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  • Phil Verdemato

    Phil Verdemato

    Head of Software Engineering

    Heading up our Software Engineering team, Phil has been part of the SciBite team since 2015. Having spent most of his career writing code within the life sciences space, including architectural and innovation roles at Inpharmatica, Pfizer and Thomson Reuters, he holds a PhD in BioPhysics and an M.Res. in Bioinformatics. When he’s not busy building technology, Phil enjoys backyard Science and being the ‘cool’ Dad by making go-karts for his children.

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  • Rachael Huntley

    Rachael Huntley

    Scientific Curator

    Rachael helps develop and maintain our vocabularies as a key part of our Ontologies team. Before joining SciBite, Rachael spent 9 years’ at the EBI working on Gene Ontology curation and 4 years’ at the University College London as project coordinator for microRNA Gene Ontology curation and lecturer on the Genetics of Human Disease MSc course. With a PhD in Plant Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, Rachael has held postdoctoral positions in the University of Cambridge and Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford, California. Aside from her extensive career in the world of curation, Rachael enjoys making jewellery and is a keen saxophone player.

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  • Rob Martin

    Rob Martin

    Principal Java Developer

    With a degree in Computer Science, Rob is the technical lead behind our DOCstore semantic solution. Having worked as a contractor for the last 8 years, which has allowed Rob to build up a high level of software development experience across a number of different industries, including working for the likes of Jagex, Monetise and Centrica, where his primary focus was on developing their IOT platform for the Hive Hub product. Outside of work, Rob likes to stay active by running, playing football and going mountain biking.

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  • Robert Squire

    Robert Squire

    Software Engineer

    Part of our Software Engineering team, Robert works predominantly on our core product TERMite as well as working on developing our Connectors. With a degree in Computer Science and Business from Trinity College in Dublin, Robert is an experienced Java developer, with previous roles including developing trade matching, trade entry and positions software for a commodities trading platform and developing a policy management application for an insurance software provider. Robert enjoys playing five-a-side football, listening to music and attempting to play guitar. He is currently interested in financial and investment books and loves travelling and exploring new places.

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  • Sajith Wimalaratne

    Sajith Wimalaratne

    Strategic Account Manager

    Sajith is responsible for all the relationships between SciBite and our European Clients. Having previously been a Commercial Manager in the Consumer Business Unit at Cambridge Consultants, he has also held roles as a research scientist and University lecturer. With a PhD in Pathogenic Microorganisms from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, when he’s not chatting away to customers on the phone or travelling throughout Europe, Sajith loves being creative and has a passion for photography, particularly documenting the lives of his three sons.

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  • Sam Shelton

    Sam Shelton

    Partnership Manager

    Sam manages the relationships SciBite has built with our existing partnership network, he is also tasked with identifying and developing new partnership opportunities. With a PhD in Protein Biochemistry from the University of Nottingham, before joining SciBite he was the business development lead at Repositive, where he built relationships with contract research organisations, biotechs and pharma companies. During this role, he experienced first-hand the challenges of dealing with unstructured biological data. In his spare time, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, photography, cycling and restoring old rusty objects, whether these are bikes, cars or most recently a go kart.

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  • Sara Robertson

    Sara Robertson

    Customer Relationship Manager

    Supporting clients with proof of concept projects and on-going licenses as well as supporting technical operations, sales and product development, Sara has a B.Sc. in Chemistry and over 20 years’ experience within pharmaceutical product development, as well as leading and developing technical teams. Sara’s more recent background encompasses providing clients with pro-active and collaborative decision making to deliver projects. When she’s not busy renovating her home, she also enjoys spends evenings and weekends playing various sporting activities with her children.

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  • Sean McDonnell

    Sean McDonnell

    Technical Sales Manager

    Sean plays a crucial role in facilitating technical discussions and providing product demonstrations to our customers to help scope out clearly defined projects and demonstrate the capabilities of the SciBite semantic platform. Having previously spent 11 years at Informa Healthcare, prior to that Sean worked at clinical SaaS provider Medidata, where he worked closely with the Data Science team to help improve the clinical and operational performance for customers. Sean is another member of the team who has been bitten by the outdoor bug as he enjoys spending as much time outside as possible, whether it’s hiking, travelling with his wife and two children or cycling around Europe. Sean is also a very enthusiastic amateur skier and loves to play football.

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  • Simon White

    Simon White

    Principal Software Engineer

    As a senior member of our Software Engineering team, Simon is responsible for our vocabulary editing toolkit, VET, which helps curators use, produce and maintain high-quality scientific vocabularies. He enjoys exploring how SciBite can usefully employ Artificial Intelligence technologies. After collecting his PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Simon has made his career in Scientific Software for 30 years, working on scientific software projects in diverse areas such as remote sensing, genetics, epidemiology and pharmaceutical research. He has written software for commercial as well as research-based projects. Outside of work, Simon enjoys cooking, cycling and watching films at the cinema (not necessarily in that order).

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  • Spyroula Masiala

    Spyroula Masiala

    Software Developer - Machine Learning

    With a Master’s degree in Data Science including a machine learning module and a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Science, before joining the SciBite team Syproula previously worked at Tilburg University (Netherlands) as a University Researcher in the machine learning and graph theory field. In her spare time, Spyroula likes making DIY projects, kickboxing classes and reading detective books. She also enjoys cooking recipes from all across the world.

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