SciBite - The Semantic Analytics Company

Semantic analytics for text mining to big data analytics

Our Vision 

Scientific search, big data analytics, literature analysis, for too long it has been a challenge to integrate, extract and analyse knowledge locked within unstructured biomedical text. Increasing volumes and varieties and sources of information are only adding to the problem.  We think it is about time things changed for the better.  

At SciBite, we have created a semantics-based informatics environment in which text and structured data are easily connected and can be used together for better informed decision making.


Our Approach 

Our semantic solutions understand the complexity and variability of  content within Life Sciences yet are still simple to use.  We can quickly identify and extract scientific terminology from unstructured text and transform it into valuable machine-readable data.

Flexibility is key.  Multiple deployment options from pre-built end-user applications through to 3rd party application integration mean that the value of semantics can now reach a much broader audience than ever before.

Whether it is pure text mining, big data analytics, data integration or enterprise search, our semantic solutions can and should play an integral part in all.

We believe in partnerships and will happily work with or to enrich 3rd party offerings to ensure you as the customer see more value in your existing investments whilst we can focus on our primary mission in bringing the power of semantics to a wider audience.


Our Culture

What gets results is not just what we do but how we do it. We are productive, collaborative, responsive, precise and proactive.

Openness to new ideas—from whatever source—and genuinely collaborative working is our approach to best manage the ever changing environment in which we work.

This change is only compounded by new and disruptive technology, yet along the way are many opportunities and many pitfalls.

Our approach is to help you navigate the right path.