Case Studies

  • Semantic Analytics: An Integrated Approach for Pharmacovigilance Teams to Achieve Total Awareness

    Pharmacovigilance can take up an enormous amount of resource.  Incorporating semantic analytics into a pharmacovigilance strategy allows teams the flexibility to include wider sources of reporting systems, contextualise unstructured text and make connections across all of this, saving time and gaining total awareness.

  • Enriching Workflow Tools With TERMite

    Data workflow / pipelining tools such as PipelinePilot and KNIME enjoy a strong user community within the life science industry. Workflow tools enable data-savvy scientists to perform complex analysis without the need to learn a complex programming language and also aid scientific reproducibility – providing a mechanism to repeat in silico experiments using exactly the same conditions.

  • Biomarker Discovery in Biomedical Literature

    The identification and application of biomarkers in basic and clinical research is almost a mandatory process in any productive pipeline of a biopharmaceutical organisation. Validated biomarkers play a crucial role in the prediction of clinical outcome and support the translation from candidate discovery to successful clinical treatment. The process to discover and validate new biomarkers depends on effective methodologies often calling on text mining approaches to extract insight from biomedical literature.   The following white paper evaluates SciBite’s capabilities in identifying new gene biomarkers in Breast Cancer against a published methodology.

  • Transforming Enterprise Search with TERMite

    Sinequa, a leader in real-time enterprise search and analytics for Fortune Global 2000 companies have partnered with SciBite, a Cambridge, UK based Informatics Company, to provide access to drug discovery intelligence data for pharma and biotech companies including, amongst others, Astra Zeneca