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Effect of transcatheter renal arterial embolization combined with cryoablation on regulatory CD4+CD25+ T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of patients with advanced renal carcinoma.

Recieved:01-Aug-2012 00:00:00

Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and Therapy, Tianj...
Li, Y; Guo, Z; Liu, CF; Xing, WG; Si, TG; Liu, F; Guo, XY; Xing, JZ

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To analyze the effect of Argon-Helium cryosurgery (AHCS) combined with transcatheter renal arterial embolization (TRAE) on the differentiation of regulatory CD4+ CD25+ T cell (Treg) and its implication in patients with renal carcinoma. Seventy seven patients are included in the study, and divided into two groups: TRAE group (n=45, receiving TRAE only) and TRAE+cryoablation group (n=32, receiving cryoablation 2-3 weeks after TRAE). The percentage of Treg cells and T lymphocyte subsets (CD4+T, CD8+T, and CD4+T/CD8+T) in the peripheral blood is measured by flow cytometry previous to the therapy and 3 months after therapy. Meanwhile, the extent of tumor necrosis is measured by MRI or CT 1 month after therapy. The percentages of Treg cells of patients in TRAE + cryoablation group decrease from (6.65±1.22)% to (3.93±1.16)%, (t=42.768, P 0.05). The tumor necrosis rate of TRAE+cryoablation group is 57.5%, significantly higher than those of TRAE group, which shows 31.6% (t=6.784, P