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  • We’re Hiring!24th March 2016
    We’re Hiring!

    SciBite are constantly in pursuit of the best talent to compliment our expanding team.  If you're interested in working for an innovative, dynamic and high-performing team, please see our vacancies page for more information.

  • Semantically-Powered Social Collaboration26th April 2016
    Semantically-Powered Social Collaboration

    How do you know what your colleagues sat opposite you are working on? How about those in another office/building/site? More importantly, do you know who would be the expert on any particular topic within your company?

  • SciBite, A New Pistoia Alliance Member
    SciBite, A New Pistoia Alliance Member18th April 2016

    SciBite are delighted to join the Pistoia Alliance helping to address some of the challenges faced with big data in Global Life Sciences R&D.  We look forward to meeting all the attending members at the European Conference starting tomorrow.

  • The Relationship Game5th April 2016
    The Relationship Game

    Scientific knowledge can be represented as relationships between things. Thousands or millions of such relationships make a knowledge graph or network analysis. SciBite technology enables extraction of these relationships, and in doing so, can uncover knowledge that might otherwise have remained hidden

  • The 5★ of structured data23rd March 2016
    The 5★ of structured data

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Internet, defined a 5-star deployment scheme for open data. In recent customer discussions, we’ve talked about a similar scheme to describe the status of data across their organisation and how text analytics can help contextualise unstructured data.

  • Game Set and Match11th March 2016
    Game Set and Match

    There’s been a lot in the news this week about Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test. The above quote in particular caught our attention here at SciBite Towers.